Jayashri Kerimani is a 34 year old woman from Morab, Dharwad district in Karnataka.
She has two daughters who are studying in sixth and ninth grade and one son who is currently studying in the third grade. She has studied till the tenth grade. She is currently engaged in her husband’s tile business and he is also a farmer. They own 8 acres of land and a house.
Her husband used to be engaged in woodworks before he started the tile business. She handles all the marketing for this business. After taking a loan from MicroGraam for Rs. 40,000, she was able to sell the first load of tiles, thereby getting a monthly earning of Rs. 15,000 and with the next two loads she sold, they earned Rs. 30,000. She buys all the tiles from Andhra Pradesh.
The income she earns is used to improve and develop her family business and her childrens’ education. She has successfully repaid 7 installments and aims to build her own office with an attached toilet.

Although many people in the rural areas of India aren’t accustomed to using a toilet, Jayashri has realised that it is essential to maintain hygiene and in her own small way, she is promoting the Swacch Bharat movement.
Jayash.ri Kerimani1
This just proves that she is an environmentally aware rural entrepreneur and is a role model to many more women who face similar difficulties.