Amudha and her husband Subramaniyan are landless people living in Pudukkottai District,Tamil Nadu. They have 3 sons going to school in their village. They live in a small thatched roof home.

They have lived most of their lives working on farms and doing some sort of labour work on agricultural lands.They were convinced that they are not capable of any other vocation and this was their life.

Amudha had tried her best to get a loan from the bank in the past and as that never worked; she had given up all thoughts in that direction. On some insistence from the NGO staff she became a member of a Self Help Group(SHG) and it was here that she heard of MicroGraam.

She took a loan of INR 30,000 and bought herself a cow that gives a high yield of milk every day.Amudhais able to get 8 litres of milk a day and she sells this at the local tea shops.She also sellsthe dung as manure. This is giving her earnings of INR180 a day.

This has made her a different person. This financial security is ensuring that her children are attending school regularly. This income is giving her family better quality food and all meals each day. Amudha’s family is now wearing clean clothes and she has put a proper roof to her home. She is now saving money to buy one more cow.

This is a story that brings out the very core of MicroGraam’s beliefs. One investor believed in her and invested just INR30, 000.She was given a small stepping stone and her life changed.

She now has the confidence to look forward to the future.