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Deepak lives in Deogarh, Jharkhand. His family consists of 3 children and his wife.
A slow and steady growth has raised his monthly income from a mere Rs.3000 to Rs.12500 today.
Life has become comfortable today with all his children going to a proper school. Deepak has now roped in his wife also into the business and hopes to make one more leap into prosperity.

Here is his journey:

His first loan of Rs.10,000 was to open a cycle repair store. We had featured him on our blog at this stage. We have been tracking his growth since then.
His income was Rs.3000 at this point.With tireless hard work,his business prospered. This encouraged him to think out of the box and look for more opportunities.
Deepak was sanctioned a second loan Rs.11,000. He added motor cycle repair works as well. Again, Deepak tasted a better life for himself as well as his family. Deepakā€™s brothers also joined the business. This has resulted in some stability for them also.
After paying back the loan fully Deepak felt that if he added a machine to paint vehicles which come for repairs that will help to go a step further. This was his 3rd MicroGraam loan.

Deepak,the man on a mission took on work and ensured that the money was fully repaid and also gained a good reputation the area. His quality of work got a lot of appreciation. Deepak now upgraded their home with proper walls and a toilet.

So, now all set for another jump the 4th MicroGraam loan saw tyres being added to his services. It is a one stop shop now.
Being a progressive thinking man with the capability to understand that his family has to be secure and stable, Deepak has now taken his 5th MicroGraam loan.
This loan of Rs.15, 000 is for his wife. She has started a small garment store selling sarees and dress materials. Bimla Devi has emerged as an astute entrepreneur and is running the shop with great success.

Bimla Devi, Deepak and his family are excited at the opportunities. They are so thankful to the availability of small loans that can help them realize their dreams.