Borrower profile: She is cultivating crops in her farming land and stays with her son and daughters
Loan purpose: To buy seeds and fertilizers for cultivating different types of green leaves
Repayment Source: She is earning Rs.5000/- per month and her son is earning Rs. 8000/- per month; from this income she will be able to pay EMI around Rs. 2750/- per month
Borrower's impact: It will help her to save some money for her family's better future

Requires Rs. 30,000

Raised: Rs. 15,200NEED Rs.14,800

Lending Amount

Loan Details

Loan Amount Rs. 30,000Lenders Return10%
Repayment ModeMONTHMicroGraam Fee *7.00%
No of Installments12Processing Fee **1%
Total Cost to Borrower ***18.89%
* Charged during loan tenure + applicable GST
** Processing fee paid as part of first installment + applicable GST
*** Annual Percentage Rate + applicable GST