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Compliments of the Season!
As we come to the close of 2015 it has been a busy year for us at MicroGraam. We continue to focus on the same 7 states as earlier years. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu form 86% of our borrowers. Our partners have increased this year and we now have 39 NGO partners to work with. Each of them brings varied options for us and expands our loan products. MicroGraam has disbursed INR17.53 crores till today and with a repayment rate of 99%.This is an area we are constantly strengthening and working on. With this disbursement we have been able to impact 12087 women and 820 men.
A big thank you to our investors and utmost gratitude for placing your trust in us. Here is hoping that you will continue to support us to march on and achieve a financially inclusive country.
Wishing you a Very Joyous 2016!

Borrower's Speak

Vanita Rurappa Nitturu started a bangle and clothes business in her village. She has a steady business now and her loan of INR 50,000 helped her to kickstart a better future.

“I have one acre of land but with not enough money to cultivate it, managing life was difficult.
I have 2 children, one has finished his degree and the other one could study only till standard 9. He now works for daily wages in the agricultural fields. I joined a self-help group and with my MicroGraam loan of INR 50,000, I started a bangle and clothes business. This changed my life. I am able to now manage my household expenses. I bought seeds and fertilizers for my land and now I can send my younger son back to school. MicroGraam gave us this loan at a very low rate of interest and my family is very thankful for that.”

Sunita VeerabhadraChari Kamaara hails from Hiremaganur,Karnataka. Sunita and her husband have made a success of their cottage industry with a loan of INR 30,000.

“My husband used to be a radio mechanic and with time he didn’t have any work. We took a loan from MicroGraam and now we make this product and go to villages and sell them. Now we earn 8,000-9,000 a month. We have also built a small house.
I really wish that lots of people who are in need of loans take this opportunity from MicroGraam and make a living. It comes at a very low rate of interest and we are thankful for making our lives happy” 

Rupali Sarkar took a loan of INR 16,000 to buy dry fruits and spices in bulk. This is
giving her better returns. She lives in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

“ I am Rupali Sarkar, I have taken a loan from this organization and expanded my business. It has helped me to better the living conditions for my family. I am now able to save some money”

Sarita Devi lives in Chittlodiya,Deoghar and wanted to contribute financially for the betterment of her family. She took a small loan of INR 15,000 and bought a cow.

“I say thanks to MicroGraam for helping me with this loan of INR 15,000. I bought a cow with this amount and I sell about 8-10 litres of milk everyday. I earn about INR 350-400 per day. With this money I am now able to help my family go forward in life.”

Rani from Tulikampatti,Tamil Nadu has taken a loan of INR 50,000.

“I would like to thank MicroGraam for my loan. I bought a cow for the sale of its milk. It is very useful for me and my family.

MeenakshiAmmal grows drumsticks and also has goats for rearing with her loan of
INR 15000. She lives in Tamil Nadu.

“I took a loan of INR15000 and cultivated drumsticks plants on my 1 acre of land. The yield is good and I am making about INR 6000 a month. Since I started having some extra money I bought 3 goats that I am rearing now. I will sell them for a good price in the upcoming festival season. Thanks to the goats, my farm has organic manure and that is also helpful for me. Thanks to MicroGraam we do not have any worries about the future”

Bean Counters’ Corner:
Borrowers: 12,907
Social Investment raised: Rs. 17.53 crores
Loans Outstanding as on 31st  Dec 2015: Rs. 5.46 crores

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