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Trust that all is well with you and the family. In this edition of our newsletter we bring to you a few of our focus areas. These loans are having a big impact on the lives of our borrowers and we wish to extend our reach in these areas. In this quarter we are also happy to share that the Government of Karnataka has launched an initiative called Savethefarmer.org in Tumkur District. We have been chosen as their core committee members and crowd-sourcing partners for this programme. We hope that this association will have a some positive impact for our farmers in need. With the festive season round the corner, these are important months for our borrowers. We wish them a prosperous business season. Do visit our website and your feedback will be valuable to us. Wishing you a very Happy Dusshera!

Our Impact:
A Harvest that changed her life

Renukamma and her husband have been blessed with 6 acres of land in Davangere, Karnataka. They tried very hard to get a loan from a nationalised bank and it never worked out. Managing to cultivate some cash crops with their limited finances was always tough and they lived hand to mouth. MicroGraam gave her a loan of INR40,000 and she invested that in growing bananas. Renukamma has sold half her harvest at INR 20,000. Her confidence is high now as she still has more than half that is yet to be harvested. She has paid back 6 instalments so far and is extremely excited with the loan and the low rate of interest. Renukamma feels that this a loan that she can repay and at the same time will be financially secure. MicroGraam wishes her the very best!

MicroGraam’s Focus Areas:

This loan product is very important and MicroGraam works at keeping the farmer alive by supporting them in every stage. The loan is given right from the need to lease the land, bounding and levelling it for cultivation. Loans are also given for water conservation, fertilizers and pure organic farming. This product is given to farmers across all the States on a 12 month repayment model. 1450 borrowers have availed this loan so far.

MicroGraam is working towards empowering the women of the household by training them to rear and trade in livestock. This includes goat, sheep, poultry and fish. This business is gaining popularity as it is a quick and good way to improve the financial status of the family. This product is also available in all States on a 12 month repayment model. 1325 borrowers’ people have benefitted so far.

Smart Stove:
This successful loan product is a smart stove by Greenway Grameen. Priced at Rs.1400,it has been a boon to many households.A single burner, high-efficiency cook-stove designed for long-term, everyday use. The stove can use any type of solid biomass fuel including wood, cow dung and agricultural waste. This stove produces 70% less smoke and uses 65% less fuel than traditional mud cook-stoves. This loan is given in the state of Tamil Nadu on a 5 month repayment model. 6000 women have availed this loan as on date.

Micro Enterprise:
MicroGraam encourages its borrowers to take up small income generating activities.The activities include running small grocery shops, tailoring shops, vegetable stalls, fruit stalls and food stalls. A lot of women have skills and the ability to manage micro businesses. They are hardworking and these loans help them to kickstart an enterprise.This loan is given to borrowers from all States on a 12 month repayment model. 1630 people have benefitted so far.

Bean Counters’ Corner-
Borrowers: 11,747
Social Investment raised: INR 15.07 crores
Loans Outstanding as on 30th September 2015: INR 5.10 crores

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